I'm gathering stuff, interesting articles, useful tools or amazing videos, and then make a list with all of them with comments for each one.

This is issue number #6.

You can checkout the previous issues if you're interested.

If you find any interesting tools or articles that I might have missed, let me know @stefanbc and I'll share them in the next cluster.

So, here are some interesting links and articles!

  1. Code dependencies are the devil.
    This article tries to tackle the subject of dependencies and why we make them central in our applications even if they will become obsolete in a few years, as the technology advances.
  2. Orthogonality and CSS in JS
    Should JavaScript, HTML and CSS files be bundled and managed completely separately? Kept in different files and imported together into JavaScript component files? Or can we remove HTML and CSS files entirely and generate everything in JavaScript?
  3. From Sass to PostCSS
    It seems there is a new trend rising these days. Trying to replace perfectly working things with something that just came out of the oven, that is hot and you can't quit taste yet.
  4. Clean Code concepts adapted for JavaScript
    This is a very well written guide to producing readable, reusable, and refactorable software in JavaScript.
  5. Creating Fractals
    Have you ever wondered how you can create fractals in JavaScript, well wonder no more because someone actually took the time to write an article on how you can achieve that.
  6. Improve the Look of Links with the CSS Text Decoration Module
    Did you know about the text–decoration–skip and text–decoration–color CSS attributes? Checkout this article to learn more about what you can do with them.
  7. Kiss my classname

Nonsemantic classnames that refer to visual styles will always be a bad idea.

  1. PostCSS: Sass’s New Play Date
    Another article about PostCSS, because it's the new kid on the block that needs attention from everyone.
  2. A Beginner’s Guide to Pure CSS Images
    Did you know you can create images entirely out of CSS? This handy guide is a great basis for anyone interested in this subject.
  3. The type snob
    A brilliant article by Pablo Stanley about how anyone can become a type snob.
  4. How to write a JavaScript package for both Node and the browser
    Not sure if this article needs any intro, because it's pretty self explanatory.

Until next time, code long and prosper!

Image credit: Guillaume Kurkdjian