I bid you hello, dear reader, welcome to this website, that for some particular reason I own it.

What is the purpose of this website, you may ask? Well for starters this is a website that is maintained by me, Stefan. This is a place where I, Stefan, share knowledge and sometimes adventures, with you, the reader.

I come here to write about topics that can vary from stuff like hacking NASA with a toaster and a paperclip to Quantum chromodynamics (look it up it's an interesting topic).

Why should you read the articles featured on this website, you ask? Well, as I said a few sentences back, this is where I share knowledge and sometimes adventures.

Maybe you, as me and so many other these days share a common interest in stuff like code, design and other jibber jabber, except cat videos! If you need those you can go to YouTube! That is all for now. Until next time, code long and prosper!

Cheers, Stefan.

Hello world!