Below, are a few projects that I opened sourced. If you want, you can use and/or contribute too them.

Checkout the project that I'm currently working on over at SmartBill and if you're looking for websites that I built, look for the SensMedia badge and you'll know I built or help build that website. Also everything that has to do with the Koding community and a part of the Koding front-end, I built it or I helped in building it.

If you have any questions regarding one of the below featured projects, drop a note here or open up a ticket on the desired project page on Github.

In development

  1. arca - A simple aspect ratio calculator
  2. cromix - A comic books management app
  3. ghoster - A small bash script that updates your Ghost instance
  4. JINGo - Jingle Github holiday radio. Listen to holiday music directly on Github.
  5. stefan-log - Ghost blog theme for personal website
  6. uptimey - Simple server uptime monitor


  1. Goblinator
  2. Koding-Theme-Apaxy

No longer maintained

  1. Asgar
  2. Coderbits-Profiler
  3. HTML-Encrypter
  4. TwitterProfileLinker