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A hosting malfunction.

If you’re reading this article, it means the website is up and running as it’s supposed to. I should put a notice like this everywhere, but why would I need to in the first place? If you’re a regular on my website, then you might have noticed... continue reading »

Reading other people's code.

It's more of a question actually. What's it like to read other's people code and why you should be prepared? Well, the evil doers over at the powerful and evil Abstruse Goose Corporation made this into a bloody good comic. Go read it and then come back, so we can... continue reading »

Are we too dependent of the tools we use?

A few weeks ago, I had the unfortunate chance or let's say "opportunity", of working on something without going through my usual workflow. And what did I learn from that experience? Well, that you are as good as the tools you use and the most important thing, that... continue reading »

Developers and holidays. A weird relationship?

'tis the holiday season! Maybe you're coming or going home for the holidays. Whatever maybe the case, you rejoice the fact that you finally have a break from all the stuff that happened this year. It doesn't matter how well this year went, what's important is that it's all over... continue reading »

Developers and social media. Is it a good thing?

Lone wolves or night owls, that's how you usually describe your friendly neighborhood developer. He doesn't travel in packs and usually you'll find him sitting at a desk tipping his fingers off on some piece of code that is either to stubborn to run or he has an idea he... continue reading »