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Gedit on steroids!

Programming ... For me it started out as a passion, when I wasn't even in highschool. I used to doodle small animations, in ASCII, for the Windows command line. Notepad was the tool I used to achieve this. Why? Because that's the first thing I encountered on my fresh install of... continue reading »

Koding everything ... in the cloud!

You thought I made a typo didn't you? No, I did not make a typo, I am actually talking about Koding. But why am I talking about Koding? For starters this article was in my writing queue for some time and also because I am one of the two community... continue reading »

A developer's tools of the trade.

You, me and your weird cousin that thinks he can make websites out of macaroni, well we're developers (At least some of us are!). We rely on some sort of service or tool to get our work done, right? Right! Sometimes the tools we use are super complicated IDEs or... continue reading »