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Tag: open source

What's my uptime?

So I wrote a small project over the course of a few days. What started out as a small internal thing has turned out to be something more complex but in the end very satisfying. Initially it started as something simple that I used on daily basis at work. I... continue reading »

Koding Apps. Build one!

Disclaimer: All quoted paragraphs are reproduced in their entire form from the awesome Koding University that you can find here. Because you're an awesome reader, that already follows my awesomely written articles, you already know what Koding is, so I will not explain it again ... ok, ok, I'll tell you,... continue reading »

Open Source. The story? The facts?

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away … ups, wrong tale! Our story begins in the same place where all computer related stuff happen! China? No, somewhere between Palo Alto, CA , the great wizards castle of Bell Labs and IBM’s scary dungeon-forest headquarters, in a time when... continue reading »