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Are you bikeshedding? Probably!

You have no idea what I'm talking about, right? That's because not many people use the term bikeshedding. It's not a usual term that people just throw around all the time. Bikeshedding is when you argue about some meaningless thing and tend to avoid the more important issue at hand.... continue reading »

Meeting the locals!?

A more appropriate title would be: should I meet the locals or do I have any locals that I should meet and when I say locals I'm referring to local developers / web designers around my area or even around the country. I have a big issue with this topic. How... continue reading »

Docked or undocked? That is the question.

So I ran a poll. And people answered and the results surprised me, to say the least. The question was simple. Developer Tools docked or undocked? 74% of all people that answered my question said that they prefer to use the developer tools docked. I was a bit surprised because... continue reading »

Reading other people's code.

It's more of a question actually. What's it like to read other's people code and why you should be prepared? Well, the evil doers over at the¬†powerful and evil Abstruse Goose Corporation made this into a bloody good comic. Go read it and then come back, so we can... continue reading »

Are we too dependent of the tools we use?

A few weeks ago, I had the unfortunate chance or let's say "opportunity", of working on something without going through my usual workflow. And what did I learn from that experience? Well, that you are as good as the tools you use and the most important thing, that... continue reading »