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Gedit on steroids!

Programming ... For me it started out as a passion, when I wasn't even in highschool. I used to doodle small animations, in ASCII, for the Windows command line. Notepad was the tool I used to achieve this. Why? Because that's the first thing I encountered on my fresh install of... continue reading »

What's my uptime?

So I wrote a small project over the course of a few days. What started out as a small internal thing has turned out to be something more complex but in the end very satisfying. Initially it started as something simple that I used on daily basis at work. I... continue reading »

Docked or undocked? That is the question.

So I ran a poll. And people answered and the results surprised me, to say the least. The question was simple. Developer Tools docked or undocked? 74% of all people that answered my question said that they prefer to use the developer tools docked. I was a bit surprised because... continue reading »

Are we too dependent of the tools we use?

A few weeks ago, I had the unfortunate chance or let's say "opportunity", of working on something without going through my usual workflow. And what did I learn from that experience? Well, that you are as good as the tools you use and the most important thing, that... continue reading »

Monitoring all the stuff!

Despite the fact that we are being monitored day and night by an entity that knows almost everything (even what we had for brunch on Nov. 5), and yes I'm talking about moon people, we still have an unsatisfied need of knowing what happens to our belongings. Be it a... continue reading »