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Just Another Cluster #6

I'm gathering stuff, interesting articles, useful tools or amazing videos, and then make a list with all of them with comments for each one. This is issue number #6. You can checkout the previous issues if you're interested. If you find any interesting tools or articles that I might have... continue reading »

Reading other people's code.

It's more of a question actually. What's it like to read other's people code and why you should be prepared? Well, the evil doers over at the¬†powerful and evil Abstruse Goose Corporation made this into a bloody good comic. Go read it and then come back, so we can... continue reading »

Maps API or X marks the spot.

No, we're not making fun of Apple Maps, but we could if we wanted to. Let's just say I don't want to jump wink wink into the whole Apple Maps conundrum. This article, in particular, is focused on describing my adventures with Apple Maps's older and more experienced brother, Google... continue reading »

The great category conundrum.

It all started on one December-ish looking morning. It was the year of our lord 2013 and the snow was nowhere to be found, keeping that mind, there was a slight smell of bugs in the air. You know the type I'm talking about? The ones that don't let you... continue reading »