Stefan Cosma

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Just Another Cluster #4

It's that time again, when I post interesting links / articles / tools. This is issue number #4. If you've read the previous ones you might have noticed that I have changed the title of the series from Weekly Cluster to Just Another Cluster. The reason behind this is that I don't... continue reading »

Are you bikeshedding? Probably!

You have no idea what I'm talking about, right? That's because not many people use the term bikeshedding. It's not a usual term that people just throw around all the time. Bikeshedding is when you argue about some meaningless thing and tend to avoid the more important issue at hand.... continue reading »

Just Another Cluster #3

Well, well, if it isn't that time of the week again, where I post interesting links / articles / tools and then comment upon them. If you haven't read the first ones, I suggest you do. This is issue number #3. As always, if you find any interesting tools or articles that... continue reading »